the taste of freedom

"You see free people partying and you see people protesting for freedom. This says something about this place."

” The Taste of Freedom reflects the state of mind that comes naturally when you get shot by rubber bullets in the morning and rave like there is no tomorrow at night. I feel deeply connected with the Palestinian protesters who are non-violently demonstrating for more freedom. Protest after protest the Israeli army gives them a brutal response. A few hours and miles later, I am in Israel, surrounded by searching souls in one of the most unique rave scenes in the world. Two completely different dimensions, but they have one thing in common: a search for the taste of freedom. Protesting for the basic needs of freedom or raving to find freedom in their mind. Laughing and loving, raving and dancing but a part of the conflict never dies.”

Jan Beddegenoodts
After he graduate das a journalist he started focussing on Photography and travelling the world. After every new adventure an exposition followed. In 2012 he was raving and protesting in Israel / Palestine which resulted in his first photobook and documentary: `THE TASTE OF FREEDOM`.

His second documentary `THANK GOD IT`S FRIDAY` is a portrait from the Palestinian village Nabi Saleh and the opposite Israeli settlement Halamish.