Bruno Cruz is a musician and  Dj/Producer since 1998.
He lives in Haifa city, inside “1948”(after the Nakba/catastrophe, we say inside the borders of the state of Israel/occupied Palestine).

He is the founder of the band Ministry Of Dub-Key.

He is  producing music that is “in Between” Progressive melodic Trance & Club Trance.

Bruno : “I m creating music, without the opportunity to meet other musician brothers and sisters from Lebnan, Syria, Iraq…,    just because of the fact, that I was born in 1948. Through music, there are no borders , there are no walls..

I m traveling a lot all around the world. Every time I pass through Ben Gurions airport, I ve been questioning, seeking every ancient side in my body..   They are acting like I m a walking bomb.

But I m just a musician, that loves Life, Love to connect people through music, love to hang out with all the peoples from our universe, sit in peace  and  talk about:

 How we can take the humanity into another level, without War, without borders, without money…

Music and Art can be a really huge weapon with an international language.”

Bruno Cruz

source : interview by heartliner