checkpoint 303 is inspired by the sounds that pace the daily lives of millions of people in the middle east.

screeching sounds of bullets. echoing injustice.   uproar.   revolt. dispair and sadness.

– and still amidst all this the soothing sounds.   of hope.

of normality.    trivial acts.

life like everywhere else.

this is not a video game.   violence is not a moving image on tv.

it’s the daily nightmare of millions…

checkpoint 303 is an activist sound art project led by sound designer SC MoCha.

the electronic experiment initially kicked off in 2004 when sound cutter SC MoCha teamed up with Bethlehem-based palestinian sound catcher SC Yosh.

the idea is to cut, track, fragment and reconstruct the audio soundscape from daily lives in the middle east and across the arab world.

new audio reporting on injustice.

an ode to resistance in the face of oppression.

several artists and friends from around the globe contribute to Checkpoint 303’s recordings.

present and past contributers include SC Yosh, Miss K SuShi, Cheikh Julio, Visual Hacker Diddy, Mehdi Douss, Rado, VL MonaLisa, Melksi & Damski + many more.

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